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Sweden's Magnificent Landscapes
Sweden is a country with a lot of water. Apart from all the rivers and streams there thousands of lakes.

Sweden also has more than a thousand miles of coastline. Along certain parts of the coast there are big archipel-argos, each one a mass of islands of all shapes and sizes. Everyone in Sweden can enjoy the forests, the mountains, the lakes and the sea side because of the so-called Every-man,s Right. This is a tradition rather than a law and it's says that you are allowed to go wherever you like in the country, (except into someones garden). You can pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers and camp for one night anywhere without having to ask for permission. But at the same time you must take care of the countryside and not disturb other people. In the north of the country there is snow from October until April and in the middle of the winter there are only a few hours of daylight every day. In the south the winter comes a couple of month later and finishes a month or so earlier and it get's lighter and lighter every day as spring approaches. Fortunately the white snow lightens up the winter darkness. Snow also means you can go skiing, something which many swedes enjoy. But round about March most people start to long for spring, with it's light days and warm weather and for summer with it's long nights and the lakes which are warm enough for you to swim in again. Far up in the North the summers are particularly special, because for a few weeks the sun doesn't set at all. This is called the midnight sun.

Facts About Sweden
Area:  173 731 sq. miles
Population: Over 9 million
Density: 53 inh. per sq.mile
Capital:  Stockholm
Highest Mountain: Kebnekaise 6900 feet
Longest River: Klaraelven-Goeta 446 miles
Largest Lake: Vaenern 3470 sq.miles
Language: Swedish (Sami and Finnishspeaking minority)
Famous Swedish Personality:
Alfred Nobel (1833 - 1896) created the Nobel Prize, which is awarded every year to outstanding scientists, writers, and to those who work for peace.
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Sweden Sceneries
Sweden A Journey In The North..
A slideshow of pictures of the most Northern Swedish landscapes and ancient places.. 
Swedish Country Landscapes
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Stockholm Sweden's Capital